Hayriye Mehtap

I met with Tayfun Türkaslan through Nuray 4 months ago and had a rhinoplasty. I am very glad, literally my confidence has increased. Their interest, attention, and diligence are truly admirable 🙌

Filiz Kaya

Hi! I had a tummy tuck and laser lipo surgery last year in February.  The result? The before and after surgery is more perfect than I imagine. Thanks to Mr. Tayfun and his team. I wore clothes that I can not imagine to fit in. Thanks again!

Ayşe kolsuzoğlu

Hi Mr. Tayfun. I would like to come back to chat and talk, but you are far away and it is very difficult. Thanks for everything again and again. You gave me my 15 wasted years by relieving migraine pain.

My husband and I pray for you all the time. I’m back to normal life thanks to you. I am glad to know you and your team. Thanks for your interest…

Aslan Yaavuzoğlu

Thanks doctor! I started to love myself even more as my body recovered. There is no fat on my belly anymore and my it became fit thanks to you. Also the result of genital aesthetic part is even better than I expected. You saved my life. I am very grateful to you and your team about that. I will come to you again for my wife as soon as possible.

Orhan Çelik

I have been suffering from migraines for 10 years and I am so grateful to you. I am so relieved in 2 months thanks to surgery. Believe me, I pray for you everyday. Even my wife is amazed how I am very good after the surgery. I am glad to trust you.

serap kaya

Hi! I decided to have rhinoplasty 2 years ago and met with Mr. Tayfun  on a recommendation. I told him exactly what kind of nose I wanted, and he gave me advice on a nose that would suit my face in light of his professional experience and I decided to have a surgery. They gave the operation date exactly 1 week after the examination. His assistant and he answered every question I asked and helped me with everything I had in mind within that 1 week.  I had surgery, and the same interest continued afterwards. I had a very fast recovery process and at the same time I did not have any pain. It was a very comfortable process. It has been over 2 years since my surgery and I am very pleased that the nose was exactly as I wanted and there was no distortion, distortion of the nose tip, etc. I Thank him very much.

fatma duman

He is the doctor that I met first and did not need to search any other doctors when I decided to have liposuction surgery a year ago. He is very professional in his field, and very concerned with his patients despite his intense work schedule. I got an excellent result from the surgery in which I had all the information in detail about the process. Returning to my normal life took a very little time. He and his team were very concerned with me after the surgery as well as before. Thanks very much to him!

melek yalçın

I had a very problematic nose. I had both breathing difficulty and external appearance problems. I met with Mr. Tayfun  for rhinoplasty and he made me have a great nose. It has been 9 months since the operation and I can breathe very well. At the same time, everyone who sees it loves my new nose. I can’t get enough of looking in the mirror. Thank you!

berna yıldırım

I had abdominoplasty 3 and a half years ago and I was very satisfied. I recommend him to anyone who asks. I haven’t had a single problem. Thank you!


I had a terrible nose, so I didn’t even have confidence in myself, but thanks to Mr. Tayfun, I had an excellent surgery. The recovery process was very fast. Mr. Tayfun and his team definitely offer a full professional service.