Breast Lift in Turkey

The aesthetic breast lift also medically known as mastopexy — is a surgical procedure performed by an expert cosmetic plastic surgeon to change the shape of your breasts. During a breast lift, excess skin is removed and breast tissue is reshaped to raise the breasts.

You might choose to undergo a breast lift in Turkey, if your breast saggy, your nipples point downward, drooping breasts is one that has gained increasing publicity. A breast lift might also boost your self-image and self-confidence, but it’s only you who can define the purpose

Why Get Breast Lift in Turkey? 

Breast lift in Turkey is one of the most popular specialties for medical tourism among international patients. Most of the Local hospitals in Turkey provide this procedure, and a breast lift in Turkey is represented by the best hospitals and doctors that have proved themselves as world level specialists in this field. 

All the procedures conducted within plastic in Turkey are made according to the international quality standards and for low prices. That is why patients all over the world prefer to have plastic surgery in Turkey.

Below are a few factors that can help you understand why Turkey thriving in the aesthetic world: 

  • Government facilities 

The Turkish government has made huge investments to build up large scales of medical infrastructures, like big-city hospitals (5.000-10.000 beds) furnished with high-tech equipment and world-class facilities. The government hired top-class medical practitioners, promoted scientific research, and facilitated patients with cheaper medicine. Moreover, airport connectivity, hospital adjacent luxury hotels, tourism, and all-inclusive packages have made the country an attractive destination for treatment.

  • Cost 

Breast Lift offers all those facilities to the customers at an affordable price, much cheaper than the US and EU countries. For example, the cost of rhinoplasty in the UK is around £3000-£5000, in Turkey, the cost starts from  £1500. In certain surgeries, the cost is 90% cheaper than the West and sometimes it’s even cheaper than Asia. We can barely say that the exchange rates of foreign countries, particularly the UK £ are quite lucrative. By 2023, Turkey is also aiming to build tax-free health care zones intended for foreign patients and provide price advantages as well.

  • Location

Turkey is convenient to reach for patients from all over Europe with less than four flying hours.

Turkey has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, shopping, and beaches, so many patients choose to extend their trip into a holiday and make the most of their time in the country. Many of the best cardiac surgery doctors in Turkey are located in Istanbul, which is a popular tourist destination in its own right. 

You’ll also find that waiting times are next to none. You should be able to schedule an appointment very quickly with any cosmetic hospital you want. 

  • Visa Procedure 

Turkey has visa-free access to more than 70 countries and citizens from more than 110 countries can enter without a visa. The process is very simple, time taken is short and fees are less. For example, UK citizens can have online e-visa which takes only a few minutes. And It’s around just £15.

In a nutshell, Turkey is especially famous for its superb plastic surgery and hair transplantation with a great chance to have plastic surgery in high-quality standards. Cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, İzmir, and Aydın are famous for their cosmetic surgery and transplant clinics which offer a vast range of low-cost procedures offering to the wider public. plastic surgery procedures in Turkey; include breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, eyelid surgery, and bum lifts, etc. Packages ensure quality, accurate harvesting, minute incisions, and high-end precision.

Nevertheless to mention, packed to the edge with primeval monuments endowed with showcase scenery that overwhelms in every step, Turkey is an astounding destination that straddles Asia and Europe. Its vibrant culture, famous cuisines, and vast history are worthy to venture upon, while its glorious landscapes-from the sun-soaked Mediterranean to the mighty mountains and arid steppe-are highlights of pleasure. Roaming in cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir may all be an overpayment after the surgery. 

Breast Lift Incision and Recovery

When it comes to scarring, not all breast lifts are the same. Your surgeon can recommend a specific lift according to what you want to be addressed, including sagging, size, and shape.

A common aspect, the less you’re trying to correct, the fewer incisions and subsequent scars you’ll have. You can gain a better idea of what the surgery looks like by going through your surgeon’s portfolio of work.

  • Scarless lift 

A scarless lift is the least invasive lift available. Instead of making incisions into your skin, your surgeon will use a system of electrical currents or ultrasound to heat up the fat cells and skin of your breasts. This causes the tissue to tighten and firm, creating the desired lift.

Although it’s technically scar-free, this procedure only works for women who have minimal sagging.

  • Crescent lift 

The crescent lift also results in minimal scarring. One small incision is made with this surgery. It runs halfway across the top edge of the areola.

It works best for women who have minimal sagging and don’t have excessive breast tissue leftover from a recent pregnancy or weight loss.

However, the procedure is typically reserved for women who are also getting breast augmentation. The lift will help boost sagginess, while augmentation directly increases the size of your breasts. It also fills out the often deflated skin that occurs with aging and weight loss and after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Donut lift 

If you have more moderate sagging, your doctor might recommend a donut lift. Like a crescent lift, there’s only one incision made, so the scar is somewhat minimized.

The incision is made in a circle around the areola.

Donut lifts are often done in conjunction with a breast augmentation. They’re also beneficial for women who are looking to reduce the size of the areola. Because of this, the procedure is also called a periareolar lift.

  • Lollipop lift 

A lollipop (vertical) lift is designed for women who want some reshaping done while also correcting any sag. It’s one of the most common types of lifts.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make two incisions in each breast to help remove extra skin and reshape them. The first incision is made from the bottom of the areola to the crease below the breast. The second incision is done around the areola. This is where the “lollipop” shape comes from.

  • Anchor lift 

If you have significant sagging, your surgeon may recommend an anchor lift. This type of lift involves the greatest degree of scars, but also yields the most significant sagging and reshaping transformation.

During surgery, your doctor will make one horizontal incision along the breast crease. One incision is in between the crease and the areola. The other is around the areola edge. Because this surgery is more extensive, it may result in more significant scarring.

  • Horizontal mastopexy

A horizontal mastopexy involves horizontal incisions only. In theory, this helps minimize visible scarring along with the areola and breast line. Once the incision is made, your surgeon will pull excess tissue from the bottom up through the breast and out through the incision.

This procedure works well for extensive sagging. It also works well for women who want to move their nipples upward.

Recovery Time 

2-3 Days Following Surgery: Many women may experience light to moderate pain in the days following their procedure, which can be managed through prescription medication (see the section below for more detail). Nausea stemming from the anesthesia used during the procedure is also common but typically subsides without intervention. Surgical dressings and any drains that were used are often removed by the surgeon within this time frame. However, many surgeons will recommend that their patients continue to use a surgical bra and compression bandages to protect the incision sites. By day 2 or 3 many patients will be able to shower.

1 Week Following Surgery: Pain levels usually significantly decline while moderate bruising and swelling of the breasts may continue to persist. Many patients are cleared to return to work and perform light daily activities including walking. However, patients should avoid bending, lifting heavy objects, and other forms of strenuous movements.

2 Weeks Following Surgery: Many patients begin to feel normal and are able to perform daily activities without pain. Vigorous activity or exercise should continue to be avoided. Incisions typically fully heal around the 2-week mark and patients may be cleared to take baths.

4 Weeks Following Surgery: Most patients are healed enough to resume their normal exercise routine (however exercises and activities like golf, tennis, etc. that specifically target the chest should still be avoided).

6 Weeks Following Surgery: The 6-week point usually marks the completion of the recovery process as most bruising and swelling of the breasts has resolved. Most patients can exercise without restraint, sleep on their abdomen and sides, and are cleared to wear an underwire bra.

Cost of Breast Lift in Turkey 

plastic surgery in istanbul, turkey

plastic surgery in istanbul, turkey

Comparing Turkey to the UK and other European countries in terms of living and training costs shows a dramatic difference between these countries. While the best of Turkey’s cosmetic surgery scene is cutting-edge, the cost of living, training, paying wages, and maintaining a business are all far lower than that of Europe. This means that Turkish surgeons do not have to recoup as much money, in order to make their business viable.

One of the few downsides of this situation for patients is that unscrupulous Turkish surgeries sometimes target patients that have not properly researched the market. This can lead to sub-standard treatment, which reflects badly on the Turkish medical scene as a whole.

Thankfully, there are many well-qualified surgeons with excellent reputations in Turkey. The whole business of finding the right surgeon for you can be daunting and difficult – which is why our patients trust our reputation, as a well known cosmetic hospital that liaises closely with Turkish clinics and surgeons. Taking the guesswork out of choosing a surgeon ensures a safer and more effective treatment for patients.


Why is Breast Lift Operation Cheap in Turkey?

A large number of women from different countries of the world, prefer Turkey for breast lift surgery. There are many reasons for this. The fact that these operations are cheap in Turkey, is one of the reasons. Since the health sector is advanced and there are many doctors who can operate this surgery in Turkey, breast lift becomes cheaper. You can choose Turkey for the cheapest breast lift surgery.

How to Choose the Best Breast Lift Surgeon in Turkey?

Turkish surgeons can successfully perform almost all operations related to the human body. One of these surgeries is breast lift. Different options are available to select the best breast lift surgeon in Turkey. Because there are a huge number of woman who had a breast lift operation before in Turkey, you can give their opinions. You can do a research on the internet and social media for this.

Where Is It Performed in Turkey?

There are many cities in Turkey for breast lift surgery. But the most important of these are Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. Antalya can be a good alternative to these cities. There are many private hospitals in these cities, and many of them have surgeons performing breast lift surgery. You can contact these surgeons and make an appointment.


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