Breast Reduction Surgery Average Cost abroad

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breast. If you have large breasts, you may choose to undergo breast reduction surgery to relieve discomfort or to get the size of the breast appropriate to your body. Many women who suffer from large breasts request breast reduction surgery. Too much, and is not only an aesthetic issue but also related to the healthy fit of the breast to the whole bodybuilding, as it can lead to health and psychological suffering in women such as (back pain, the fungus under the breast, difficulty Finding suitable bras, bra prices Elevated, bra straps marks on shoulders and more)

In many cases, the large breasts have a sagging image, and thus the nipple is in a lower position compared to the majority of the breast size, which disturbs many women. The solution to all these problems is breast reduction operations, and there are many ways to perform breast reduction surgeries. The choice of the type of surgery depends on the breast structure, Estimating the amount of breast tissue to be removed, the body build, the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed during surgery and the extent of breast prolapse The specific technique used to reduce the size of your breasts by “surgery through incisions, liposuction to remove excess fat in your breasts”, the surgeon removes tissue Excess breast, fat, and skin to reduce breast size during the procedure.

The following is the cost of breast reduction surgery in several countries, the most famous and successful in the field of plastic surgery, including:

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Turkey?

The prices of plastic surgery Turkey offer are considered to be sufficient for all patients from around the world, having Istanbul as the capital of medical tourism with outstanding quality in the field of cosmetic procedures, as there are centers and hospitals specializing in different cosmetic fields that can provide a lot of services where all technologies of all kinds are available, with the results that often are permanent and continuous due to the experience of doctors in the field of plastic surgery in Turkey.

And The average cost for breast reduction surgery in Turkey starts from about $2000

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in the USA?

The United States tops the list of countries in which cosmetics procedures operations have been performed, and breast surgeries are among the common ones, the United States America will always take a place in the list of the top ten countries in the field of plastic surgery, as New York serve the state that obtains the largest number of plastic surgeons in America, by up to Double the number of certified plastic surgeons in the other states, while America’s medical care services are highly advanced. Cost cant considered budget-friendly. 

And The average price for a breast reduction surgery in the United States starts from $5,500.

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost in the UK?

The popularity of plastic surgery has increased dramatically in Britain in the recent period as a result of the increased interest of the local population in plastic surgeries and their demand for a healthy solution with aesthetics outcomes, adding to that the number of tourists coming to Britain has also increased in their desire to perform plastic surgery.

the average cost of breast reduction surgery in the UK starts from 8,820 pounds, which around $12226.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Germany?

Germany is one of the countries that attract people from all over the world for the purpose of medical tourism due to the efficiency of the healthcare system in it in addition to its reasonable prices. 

There are about 1,100 surgeons who perform plastic surgery in Germany, 2.7% of plastic surgeons in the world, and thus it is located in the center. Tenth in the world in terms of a number of plastic surgeons The prices of plastic surgery in Germany differ from one doctor to another and from one hospital to another, depending on the surgeon, the level of service and post-operative care in the hospital, and The price of the operation also varies according to the type of anesthesia, total anesthesia is more expensive than local anesthesia, as well as according to the materials used in the surgery.

The average cost of Breast reduction surgery in Germany varies from $7,000 to $8,000. 

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Egypt?

Breast reduction surgery differs from one country to another according to a number of factors that determine the final price of breast reduction surgery in terms of the surgeon and the extent of his professional experience, the level of the hospital or aesthetic center in which the breast reduction procedure is performed, the way in which the breast reduction procedure is performed, which determined by the doctor

The average prices for breast reduction surgery in Egypt range from 40,000 to 48,000 EGP, equivalent to $2,500 to $3,000, for a procedure to reduce both breasts, and it may slightly increase or decrease slightly depending on the case being dealt with.

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that have recently joined the area of plastic procedures. The Kingdom is distinguished by its quality in the provision of plastic surgery, with the presence of foreign-trained physicians alongside many Arab physicians who have extensive experience in the field of aesthetic surgery. offering all its patients a high-level Form of medical services luxury, much like anything else the rich country known for. 

and these procedures can cost differently based on many factors, as well as the condition of the patient, the medical center in which the operation is performed.

The average cost for Breast reduction surgery in Saudi Arabia will cost you around 22000 up to 32000 thousand riyals Saudi, or $5800 to $8532.


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