Six-Pack Op Average Cost Abroad

We understand that Many males strive to have abdominal muscles that make the appearance more appealing, despite the diet and intense training that many have to undergo, they may find it difficult to obtain or divide the right abdominal muscles, scientific reason for this may be lack of the necessary genes, or that their schedules do not provide enough time for training, Get the perfect look. 


The majority of people use the abdominal muscle-sculpting process, in which the waist and abdomen are sculpted, and the abdominal muscle-sculpting process is one of the quick and most effective operations, and the recovery period is between 4-6 weeks to get flat abdominal muscles as you dream. The cost depends on the techniques used, which are determined by the treating doctor such as “cold laser – cooling – sound waves – Vaser”


However, surgery is typically done with Vaser technology, which is currently the best option for body sculpting operations, as it produces more visible results and has almost zero side effects.


The following is the cost of sculpting abdominal muscles in certain countries of the world.

How much does Six-pack Op cost in Turkey?

Body sculpting operations in Turkey attract tens of thousands every year, whether from Turkish citizens or expatriates who are keen to obtain a slim figure free from fat and the first of them are artists and media professionals. Body sculpting is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Turkey that are requested by women and men, especially Those who want to have a slim body, and body sculpting surgery is usually performed in Turkey with a Vaser method. 

plastic surgeries in Turkey are suitable for many individuals compared to the European countries and the united state. 


The average cost for a six-pack Op in Turkey with VASER technology ranges from $2000 to $5000, and the cost of the cold laser body sculpting procedure per session ranges from $30 to $100 only.

How much does Six-pack Op cost in the USA?

The United States is the second most sought-after country for plastic surgeries and is distinguished by the presence of specialized centers in body care techniques. Plastic surgery techniques have developed to an amazing degree in response to the increasingly complex consumer demand. It occupies the first place in this field for a very long time.


And the average cost for six-pack Op surgery in the United States ranges from $3000 to $10,000.

How much does Six-pack Op cost in the UK?

London is the most important city in the United Kingdom in the field of plastic surgery, defined by the presence of clinics, beauty centers, and physicians. They are highly experienced and trained, and there are many other plastic surgeons with highly positive reviews in the UK.

The average cost of a six-pack Op in the UK ranges and usually can start anywhere from £2,500 to over £6,000.

And the average cost in a private clinic can range from 6,900 pounds to 9,450 pounds.

How much does Six-pack Op cost in Germany?

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the field of health care where specialized equipment has been developed and introduced to provide patients with the latest surgical techniques. Surgeons have vast experience in plastic surgery with multiple complications, which helps them to conduct procedures with the greatest care so that the patient can perform surgery. The treatment can be readily accepted and the recovery time drastically shortened. The price of surgery in Germany is decided on the basis of the probability of local surgery and the cost of anesthesia determined by the doctor.

The average cost of a six-pack Op ranges from 4,600 euros to 6,200 euros, equivalent to $ 5,500 to $ 7,500, and the cost varies with the experience of the doctor and the place where the surgery is performed.

How much does Six-pack Op cost in Egypt? 

In general, the prices of plastic surgery in Egypt are significantly lower than any other cosmetics clinics in the Arab region.  Plastic surgery and obesity treatment are among the most common operations in Egypt, whether for the local population or by foreign expatriates, therefore encourages doctors to compete in bringing the latest devices to allow them to do so.

Cairo presents specialized centers and hospitals, that is providing high-quality medical services, with the average cost for a six-pack Op starting from 1,600 Egyptian pounds, approximately 100 US dollars, and in some cases, it may exceed 50,000 Egyptian pounds, equivalent to approximately 3000 US dollars. 

How much does Six-pack Op cost in Saudi Arabia? 

Plastic surgeries in Saudi Arabia have spread a lot, and in general, abdominal and body sculpting operations are among the five most cosmetic surgeries that are performed for Saudi citizens using modern devices such as Vaser and plasma gel to sculpt the four-dimensional body and get rid of fat in more than one area of ​​the body in one operation without the need to exercise to coordinate those Regions.

The average cost of abdominal muscle sculpture in Saudi Arabia is 9000 Saudi riyals, and the price varies depending on a variety of factors, such as the skill of the doctor, reputation, and degree of medical service within the hospital.

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