Penis Enlargement in Turkey

The majority of penis-enlargement ads methods are somehow ineffective, and some may even cause permanent damage to your penis.

However, Penis enlargement, or male enhancement, is a surgical technique aimed to increase the size of a human penis. Some methods aim to increase total length, others work on the shaft’s girth, and yet others the glans size.

we provided a piece of brief information regarding the penis enlargement procedure, continue reading to get a surface view of how it works, please feel free to get in touch with our medical team for in-depth information 

Why get penis enlargement in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, over 750,000 inbound patients from 144 countries choose Turkey for medical service annually. The popularity of the penis enlargement in Turkey is also rising. Let’s consider the reasons why men from over the world choose Turkey to do penis enlargement. 

  • Technologically-advanced hospitals

Starting from 2003, the Turkish Ministry of Health launched the Program for Health Support Sector Transformation to increase the financing into the sector and improve the quality of healthcare.

This initiative gave a result, nowadays more than 50 medical centers in Turkey are JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited. This is confirmation that the hospital follows the strict world’s standards in medicine.

Currently, Turkish hospitals have achieved the level of top facilities in the USA, Europe, Asia. The equipment is renovated every 1-3 years to provide accurate medical procedures. Due to this, men who want to get penis enlargement in Turkey can be sure of its high quality. 

  • Affordable prices

The local government does everything possible to make Turkey a top destination for medical tourism in the world offering an advanced level of medicine at affordable prices. Moreover, the general price policy within the country is not high — accommodation, meals, transport are quite inexpensive in Turkey.

As a result, the prices for medical services in Turkey (including for a Penis enlargement) are 4-5 times lower than in the USA, and 2-3 times than in Germany, Austria, Spain, South Korea, or Israel. 

  • Experienced doctors

One more reason to get a brow lift in Turkey is actually the expert doctors and medical staff that work in the hospital serving international tourists regularly have practiced in the US, and European medical facilities to interchange the experience and apply the newest technologies.

Moreover, many Turkish plastic surgeons are members of international organizations such as the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) which gathers top specialists from over the world.

  • Extra services

Turkey is a customer-friendly country. Local clinics for plastic surgery offer a wide range of additional services for free.

For instance, accommodation, transfer at the airport, language assistance are already included in the penis enlargement price. Some clinics are even more generous — they offer spa procedures, meals, and even excursion tours.

Recovery time for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement recovery is often one of the most concerning aspects for patients considering penile implant surgery. Thankfully, recovery is often quicker and less painful than most patients fear. Penis enlargement recovery time will vary between patients, with swelling and discomfort improving for some patients faster than others.

  • In general, following a penis enlargement surgery, patients will require around one to two weeks of recovery time. The incision should heal within the first 5 days following surgery. 
  • Swelling and discomfort will improve dramatically during the first week. Penis enlargement surgery recovery can be improved with simple measures started in the immediate postoperative period, such as elevating the scrotum and using ice to decrease swelling.
  • Patients should be sure to not place the ice directly on the scrotum or penis as this may cause skin damage and frostbite. Elevating the scrotum can be performed using an old hand towel or shirt that is tucked between the legs. 
  • Using supportive underwear or a jockstrap, keeping the penis aimed toward the naval, and minimizing any rigorous activity for two weeks after the procedure will also speed up penis enlargement recovery. For the first two weeks following surgery, patients should not do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.

Before and After Photos

You can visit my instagram page for before and after photos or just get in touch via Whatsapp to get more photos and information.

Cost of penis enlargement Surgery in Turkey

plastic surgery in istanbul, turkey

plastic surgery in istanbul, turkey

The cost of penile girth enlargement surgery in Turkey is quite affordable for the UK and most European patients. Male patients looking for a penis enlargement surgery in Europe can save up to 70 percent on their penis enlargement surgery in Turkey.

And you will get all the other services too for the penis enlargement price, such as accommodation, transfer at the airport, language assistance is already included in the penis enlargement price.  

Cost of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey is around €3,500- €4,500


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  1. Danny Rodrigues
    Danny Rodrigues says:

    I would like to come in February for a penis enlargement procedure. If you can please send me an email with more details. Thank you

  2. Gjorgji Nedelkoski
    Gjorgji Nedelkoski says:

    I’m interested in penis enlargement surgery (unfortunately, I have a micropenis).
    I have no health problems. I am young and I am a marathon runner.
    What size will my penis be after the operation? I tried all the creams, gels and exercises, but no results. Nothing satisfies my wife. She is willing to pay any cost, because she wants to see me with a normal penis at last.
    I want an opinion from you because you are a specialist. And what are the costs, to prepare myself for the operation. I am available at any time. But I would appreciate if you can schedule me as soon as possible. I want to be well until Valentine’s Day.
    Thank you and I am waiting for an urgent answer from you.


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